What's the deal with improvisation?

The embodiment of an open mind, and adaptivity: improvisation.



7/24/20221 min read

Salzburg Interdisciplinary Improvisation Research Lab – Performances Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Time & Location:

  • 15:30 Hotel Blaue Gans

  • 16:30 – Kollegienkirche

  • 17:30 – Zwergelgarten (im Mirabellgarten)

Salzburg Interdisciplinary Improvisation Research Lab was initiated with the intention to bring together 8 artists engaged with Improvisation and Instant Composition into a concentrated framework of study and sharing. The important aspect of this lab is to bring an influx of new ideas and potential collaborations into the Salzburg performance scene.

The thing about improvisation is that we create something IN THE MOMENT.

This needs an in-depth understanding of what composition is, how to respond to the proposals of the fellow performers in the given moment, how to interact with the room and its elements in the moment. This also needs a lot of practice to get better at. The research lab format is the time and space to do exactly that with full concentration. After five days of exchange and intense research the Salzburg Interdisciplinary Improvisation Research Lab culminates in three performative interventions in the public space within the city of Salzburg. These interventions are a means of continuing the performance practice in engagement with an audience. The performers bring the attention to the city spaces in their unique perspectives. It is a form of looking at the pre-existing cityscapes in a new way. –

Conecpt by: Nayana Keshava Bhat

Fotocredit: © Raphael Mittendorfer/

INFLUX Length of performances: 20 mins each

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